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A 50/50 Split: Imagine That!

The teenage pregnancy rate has dropped in Texas and, in fact, teen pregnancy rates have dropped in our country as a whole. Why?, you might ask. Well, apparently delays in sexual activity (abstinence) accounts for half of the decrease, while the other half is attributed to better contraceptive use. Imagine that! It would appear that comprehensive sex ed would be the very best way to reduce teen pregnancies. So, go ahead, tell them that abstinence is safest, but also give them info about birth control, PLEASE!

And, while the rate has dropped in Texas, it is still higher than in every other state except for Mississippi. (Read the full article here.) What does that tell us? Maybe that abstinence-only sex ed isn't getting the job done! Yes, some schools choose to teach "abstinence-plus", but they aren't required to. They are only required to teach abstinence and so obviously we are not enjoying the full drop in the teen pregnancy rate that teaching comprehensive sex ed would bring us. And who are we hurting? Texas teens! Isn't it about time we stopped teaching our children based on ideology?


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