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Did They Get Anything Done?

Okay, I don't know about you, but I actually expected the legislature to get something done during their special session. But the session ended at midnight with no education reforms or property tax cuts. You have to wonder, what exactly were they doing for the past 30 days? Apparently there was some voting on eminent domain and telecom, 'cause you know property rights and cheaper cable is sooo much more important than EDUCATING OUR STATE'S CHILDREN!

Of course, if you took a close look at the "education" bill the House was so proud of, you'd realize that it's not really an education bill. It's a tax cut disguised as an education bill. And it's not even a tax cut for all citizens of the great state! Oh no, it's only a tax cut if you make over $140,000 a year AND own your own home. I don't even come close to belonging in either one of those categories. All I'd get is a higher sales tax. And while I am okay with paying higher taxes so that education gets more money, I'd really only be paying higher taxes so that education gets the same amount of money as the wealthier citizens of this state get to hold on to their stash of cash.

I really can't decide which is more sad: the legislature not considering a real education reform bill or the legislature not being able to pass a bill in 30 days. Read more about it here.


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