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Government Misinformation . . . Again

Yet again, it appears that politics is getting in the way of providing the public with information. Yep, the Bush administration's website www.4parents.gov is chockful of misinformation about condoms, sexual orientation, single-parent households, and the dangers of oral sex. They also failed to talk about things like the dangers of underage drinking. (Read more here.) I know that the Bush administration would like certain things to be true, but are they really willing to endanger our teenagers just to prop up their beliefs?

I am so fed up with the government trying to turn ideals into scientific facts. First we all have to tell women that abortion will give them breast cancer! And now we're telling parents that oral sex has become rampant among 12 and 13 year olds and that there is something wrong with single parents or gays?!? What, are we trying to scare the bejesus out of parents and cause even more confusion in teenagers? Please, facts are facts and just wanting something to be true is not enough to make it so.


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