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Happy 16th Birthday, Son!

Okay, when you're thinking about that perfect gift for a 16 year old boy, what do you think of? Perhaps a video game, something computer-related, some type of sporting equipment, maybe tickets to a professional sports event, or (if you're really well off) a used car. But how many of us think "yeah, stripper sounds like fun! Junior'll really like that."

A couple in Tennessee threw their son a birthday party, and the surprise for him and his teenage guests was, you guessed it, a STRIPPER! And not only did they hire the stripper, they took pictures! So now they're pleading guilty to contributing to the deliquency of a minor and taking parenting classes. My fave was Mom's statement that they were just trying to do something nice for their son and that they "even had Grandpa there." Read the full article here.

And when we teach boys at such a young age that women are merely sexual objects, why are we surprised by how they treat girls their own age?


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