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The Midwives Tale

Picture a world divided: Midwives claiming the doctors as enemies trying to steal their deliveries; doctors claiming that they only tried to provide oversight that was rejected. What will happen? Will we have dictatorial doctors or will the midwives lure women away from the safety of the hospital? Stay tuned to see the conclusion of this gripping drama. Now, seriously, the lack of a midwife program at Brack and Seton does bother me (read the article here).

Personally, if I were to have kids, I think I'd want all the pain meds and assistance I could get. (Hey, I was the girl who started crying before the doctor even said the word "shot"!) But, I went to a midwife for my first pelvic. And my experience was 10 times better than that of my friends who saw a pediatrician or GP their first time out. Women deserve to be able to choose between a midwife or a doctor, and hospitals or insurance providers really shouldn't make that choice impossible.

Now as to the why behind Seton and Brack closing their midwife programs, I couldn't really say which side is more right. However, historically, as more men became doctors (and doctor became a profession) there was a concerted effort to push midwives and other alternative healers out of the healthcare business.


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