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The Texas Legislature Did What?

In what can only be termed as bizarre, the Texas House managed to defeat HB 2, the so-called Education plan, and HB 3, the tax proposal (think tax cuts for the rich). I really thought that we were going to end up with some horrible plan that increased taxes on people with lower incomes without providing schools with better funding. Imagine my surprise and delight when those two proposals seemed to self-destruct yesterday! Maybe now our legislators can get it done the right way instead of the interest groups' way.

Check out the Statesman article on this, and pay close attention to Craddick as he tries to sound like he understood why this happened, "school superintendents beat people up on this." (Um, don't they just want to be able to pay teachers and buy books and, as bizarre as it may sound, EDUCATE students!) But my favorite Craddick quote was "the members are tired; they do not know where they are going," as if none of us couldn't figure that out after every other special session failed to fix our schools.


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